A Puppy For Bradyn

Do you remember this page? It seems like such a long, long time since we began this journey.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated and spread the word and helped us meet our fundraising goal for Bradyn’s seizure response dog! We are so very appreciative to all of you!

The time has finally arrived! We received word from the foundation that we are scheduled for training and to pick up Bradyn’s dog (now known as “Waffle Dog”) on April the 17th. We will be spending 10 days in Xenia, Ohio getting trained and bonding with the dog.

In the next days I will start purchasing plane tickets, reserving rental cars and hotel rooms, figuring out our food budget. All the things that are required for a 10 day trip across the country.

A few friends have asked that I provide a coordinated way for them to help us with the expenses on this trip. I know that you have already helped us so much, please know that I know and appreciate each and every one of you.

If you want to help us cover the cost of this trip you can click here.


Bradyn’s puppy is currently being trained and B is scheduled for training in March of 2012. I will post updates as I have them!

My son Bradyn will be 4 on July 14 of 2010. He’s  funny,  compassionate, smart, loving and sociable. He loves pets, is full of energy and has been managing uncontrolled Epilepsy since he was 18 months old. He has seen multiple doctors and has tried multiple anti-seizure meds. He has been in and out of the hospital, undergone multiple tests and procedures and has dealt with an array of side effects from his medication.  The epilepsy combined with his various medications make him feel off balance, anxious, irritable, worried, scared, annoyed, hesitant, angry and alone. He is also very sensitive to noise, bright lights and crowds, making it hard for him to enjoy and participate in social situations. He has frequent “meltdowns” and struggles with peer-to-peer interactions.

Incredibly, Bradyn has been accepted to receive a service dog from a non-profit organization called 4 Paws for Ability. 4 Paws is a fantastic organization that trains service dogs to address the specific needs of each child in the program. But, training service dogs is expensive! It costs 4 Paws an average of $22,000 per dog placed. At 4 Paws they partner with the child’s family who become volunteer fund raisers for 4 Paws and make a commitment to raise a minimum of $13,000 for the agency before taking ownership of the service dog.

For Bradyn, a service dog could help by offering comfort when he is afraid, providing a distraction during unpleasant medical procedures, participating in therapy sessions to encourage Bradyn’s interaction, his service dog could be trained to use a tethering system to help him maintain his balance and independence when his medications make him feel dizzy and off balance. But from a parents perspective, the most important thing that this dog will do is alert us to seizures as they are happening in the middle of the night. Because the possibility of Bradyn needing CPR after a seizure is very real, night time has become a very scary time for us. We don’t sleep well anymore. Kyle and I take turns sleeping in his room and spend the majority of the night listening to him. Listening to ensure that he is breathing and making sure he doesn’t need help. Having a dog that is trained to wake us up if Bradyn needs help will change our life. This dog will bring us a sense of peace that we haven’t had in a very long time.

We are very excited about this opportunity!

Bradyn has met his fundraising goal! You can help other children by making a tax-deductible donation, please send a check to:

4 Paws For Ability
235 Dayton Ave.
Xenia, OH 45385

Please write: “In honor of Bradyn Fergerson” in the memo portion of your check.

Thank you!

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  3. You and your family are in our prayers.
    Keep your faith , Take charge over the sickness.
    God Bless
    Scott Johnson

  4. Best of luck! I hope you guys get a great dog.

    Joel Libava

  5. i’m passing this along

  6. Thanks y’all! We really appreciate the help spreading the word!

  7. My nephew has a sizure dog. Blossom. She has been a treasure to the family. I hope this works for you. My prayers are with you and your family.
    If you would like to correspond with my nephew let me know and I will connect you to each other.

  8. Oh my gosh Mari! I would love to hear more about your nephews experience with Blossom! I will send an e-mail to your yahoo account.

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  12. I don’t make a lot, and am about to move abroad to teach English in a minimally paying job… but this absolutely touched my heart and I gave what I could. I will be leaving my pups behind when I move and will miss them so much. I’ve shared this page through facebook and hope that will help reach others who will give what they can. I am sending out love your way and towards little Bradyn, and I hope that he will find a loving and helpful furry friend!

  13. Kelly – Thank you so much! We really appreciate your help. I know how tight money is for everyone right now and I feel so blessed that you want to help Bradyn get his puppy! Please check back for updates and let me know how your job abroad goes. I really respect that you are making such a huge move!

  14. I donated and wish, wish, wish I could donate more! He will get a service dog and I can’t think of a better present for him!

  15. I can’t afford to give anything, which makes me sad, but I did forward Bradyn’s story along to Greg Grunberg, a TV and movie star who heads the Talk About It! organization for raising epilepsy awareness. Maybe he can help get some word out for your sweet little guy.

  16. Thank you Lisa! Every penny helps! We are so appreciative!

  17. Val- thank you so much! I completely understand. Sometimes the funds are tight. Sharing Bs story is JUST as helpful as making a monetary donation!

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  19. I will DEFINITELY be donating when I get my next check from work. Hope you raise enough!

  20. Thanks Caitlin! I saw your tweet too. Thanks so much for helping us spread the word!

  21. My daughter had another seizure at 4am today. She sleeps on top of me so I can be there when she has them. It’s the scariest, most helpless time I’ve ever spent. Spent the morning on the phones with the Neurologist, Epileptologist and Pediatrician. I wish they knew more about how they happen and how to stop them. I posted to my social networks for you.

  22. Oh Amy – I’m crying as I respond to your comment. I am so sorry! I hate that our babies have to deal with this! I know exactly the helpless feeling that you are talking about. We are the mommies. We should be able to make this better. Please keep me in the loop on your daughters progress.

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  24. I have epilepsy too.
    Por eso quiero ayudarlo ,porque me recuerda a mi desde la infancia.Saludos.

  25. Ricardo –

    Lamento que tuviera que pasar por esto cuando era niño y como adulto , pero estoy tan feliz de que quieren ayudar! Gracias!

    (I am sorry that you had to go through this as a child and as an adult, but am so happy you want to help! Thank you!)

  26. Hi Ferg_e just checking to see if you received the email I sent you in regards to a Fundraiser

  27. Hi Eric – I JUST got your e-mail and sent a response. Check your e-mail. :) – Thanks!

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  30. I would love to speak to you about B and his puppy. My son who is 8 has a puppy as well for the same condition.

  31. [...] because her little boy is special needs, and I walk in those shoes too, I want so badly to buy Bradyn a service dog that they’re currently waiting for.  They have to raise a certain amount of money before they’re able to take ownership of a [...]

  32. I am new to your blog, so forgive me if you have shared this info. Is your son in OT for sensory intergation? Our 4 year old has epilepsy as well and he does not like loud noises, he too had meltdowns, has terrible time with trasitions, etc. OT is helping A LOT. Also I had him assessed by the county and they deemed him to be able to quilfy for preschool with his peers (kids like him) and teachers trained to work with wonderfukl boys like him. I had him in private preschool however, they are just not equipped (willing) to deal with his needs. This grants him an IEP, which he will need come kidergarden time.

    Do you own an Emfit monitor? Our son gets them in his sleep and the monitor is, I kid you not, a life saver.

  33. Hi Meghann -

    No, Bradyn is not in OT yet. He was really sick this summer and is going to need surgery on his kidneys in a few months so we have lots of doctors visits at the moment and I decided not to add in the additional one for OT. I know it does help so we are absolutely headed that direction.

    I have looked at the Emfit monitors but have hesitated since they are $600 bucks! You like yours? Has it helped you get a better nights sleep?

    Bradyn went to traditional daycare for 2 weeks and it was a complete disaster. He cried all day every day. The daycare was “uncomfortable” with the prospect of having to administer his rescue med (diastat) all of the sensory issues and stress led to increased seizure activity and then he caught a Rotovirus and spent a week in the hospital. Good times!

    We were very lucky to find a woman who keeps a few kids at her house. One of her adult children had childhood Epilepsy so she is completely comfortable with B’s needs and he is so happy there! I have no idea what we are going to do when its time for school…. I can’t even think about it right now… :)

    Thanks so much for visiting the blog! Please come back!

  34. I don’t blame you for not sending him to OT as of yet! He has enough on his plate, and the begining stages of OT can be stressful and I agree, he doesn’t need that now! But there are some fun activities you can do at home that feel like play that could help him (and you too Mom!) in the meantime. Very simple easy fun things that help when he has a meltdown. Check out this site: http://www.sensory-processing-disorder.com/heavy-work-activities.html JD loves the putty with the hidden objects, easy and cheap to make at home and it relaxes him SO much! And wrapping him up like a burrito, I don’t know what it does for him, but he loves it and it takes him down several pegs.

    I do like my Emfit very much! Yes, $600 IS steep, HOWEVER Emfit will work with you on an intrest fee payment plan (it’s $50/month). You also can rent it at first, if you don’t like it you send it back. Call them, they are incredible, SO NICE. Are you familar with The Danny Did Foundation? Check out their website http://www.dannydid.org They are doing amazing work with Emfit (in fact, I owe finding out about the Emfit and SUDEP to Danny!). If you mention to Emfit that you found out about the monitor from Danny Did you get 10% off and donate that money to Danny Did. But DO go to their site, tell JD’s Mom sent ya ; )

    The Emfit WORKS. Again, we love ours, it helps us get some sleep at night (we did put in a video monitor, JD gets his in the early morning hours as he comes out of sleep).

    Funny you mention the daycare being uncomfortable. The preschool was much the same. I made them aware of this sensory issues, and “oh yeah, we’ve dealt with kids like that!” But when it came down to the nitty gritty itI was given the impression that there was no room for him. It was very sad. I understood, but…well, you know what I mean. I don’t know where you live, but I would urge you to go to your school system and see if he can be assessed for preschool services. Our county here in NC does, and I just had him identified on Thrusday. They refered to him as “Medically Fragile”. Now, you can I both know, they’re Epileptic NOT fragile! But she explained that this was the best way for him to get the apropriate services he needs prior to Kindergarden and will assure he will continue to recieve them as needed throughout the course of his school career (lol…career, that’s what the woman said though) and since it goes through the school system, as a taxpayer, there is no charge for preschool.

    We’ll be back. There’s so little support for parents of children like ours (at least here!) so I am seeking it anywhere I can find it.

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  38. I read about this on the pawcurious blog. Bradyn sounds amazing! You are in my prayers!

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  44. As a parent of a child with a seizure disorder, I know the pain and fear associated with the disorder and medications. I hope Brandyn will have his canine buddy soon! Our family looks forward to helping in whatever way we can (I think my hubby’s work can match, too). HUGS, Corey

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  48. [...] As you know, this is how I often process things… Sometimes I even forget to tell Russ what I am mulling over.  So he was not hearing me in context, but neither was he surprised, when yesterday, after Pastor Scott’s sermon on giving, I turned to him and said, “Pastor Scott is right.  I should blog with Dr. V in November, shouldn’t I?”  It only took him three or four eye blinks to realize that several weeks’ worth of prelude to that conversation had all been in my head, before he said, “Yes, of course you should!”On the way home from church he said, “Now what were you saying?  And what did I miss?”  So I backed up and started over, this time outloud…Last year, before I had even heard of Dr. V, she was busy spending an entire day blogging hourly to raise money for her local SPCA.In the time since, I have enjoyed hearing bits and pieces of that crazy blog-an-hour day.  ”Woo!”  I thought, “I remember when I was in junior high and could stay up all night!  No way I could do it now.”Then I read that she was going to do it again!  ”How fun!  I will read her daytime posts and the rest of them when it is all said and done,” I thought.  Of course, a small squish of my brain was hoping it could talk me into doing the Blogathon too.  Dr. V did say she would like some company…When I got home yesterday, I hurried to the computer to tell Dr. V I would blog with her, before I could remind myself what a crazy idea it is and how great I don’t do with sleep deprivation.  Now that I am committed, I am so excited and I cannot wait!Even better, it is for a GREAT cause.  All of the money raised will go towards training a service dog for Bradyn, a four-year-old with epilepsy. [...]

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  50. [...] {Bonding w/Elizabeth from Amakua Market.  Forgive my crazy Ramona eyes.  That competitive pony challenged me over whose are bigger.  Anyway, Elizabeth’s son Bradyn manages epilepsy and has been accepted to receive a service dog from 4 Paws for Ability.  Check out their fundraising effort here.} [...]

  51. There is a group that has formed in Austin that meets at the McDonalds house for Moms of special needs kids. If you want more info. let me know. Jennifer

  52. Hello from Brisbane, Australia. I’m a student and found your material very useful. Thanks so much :)

  53. I exhibit dogs at dog shows and travel a lot … Can I just say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people need to read this and understand this side of the story. I cant believe youre not more popular because you definitely have the gift.

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